The truth about the Fraud called Scientology

Hello to my trusted friends and family, After reading/hearing about Tom's Cruise's antics on Oprah, his rudeness on Matt Lauer (if you click on this link, you will discover that it has been removed – you can find the entire conversation on this blog site) and his negative comments on Brooke Shields’ use of anti-depressants during Post-Partum Depression, I got curious and started looking around on the internet for information on him. I’d sort of vaguely known he was a scientologist and sort of vaguely recalled that they believe in some weird alien theory and was a huge fan of the Dalai Lama but that was about it.

I started doing a basic internet search and was amazed, appalled, disgusted and frankly, scared. The information I found might have seemed totally unbelievable, if not for the reams of documents (here are just a few) that can be found on many websites that dedicate themselves to battling the cult that is the “Church of Scientology”. And of course, recently, the creators of South Park took on this cult, airing an episode that clearly illustrates the idiocy of following L. Ron Hubbard’s teachings – and that episode has never been re-aired, thanks to the threats of Mr. Tom “I Know Psychiatry” Cruise.

I encourage you to check out this information, which discusses the very basic beliefs and teachings of scientology. Once you read through that, you may find it hard to believe that anyone would literally buy into this stuff, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve L. Ron Hubbard’s personal brand of alien salvation, but the thing is, they won’t tell you about it right away… After you spend about $300K to $500K, you just might reach the upper levels and learn the secret of Xenu, the evil galactic warrior who executed thousands of aliens and trapped their souls on Earth.

In case you’re wondering how on earth this could happen, read the information on this site.It gives you a basic history of the Church of Scientology.If you doubt any of it, read through the footnotes and track down the info for yourself! All of the authors of these various sites encourage you to thoroughly research this for yourself if you have any doubts.Of course, if you use the standard search engines (i.e. Google), you may find that some anti-Scientology websites have been blocked. I was quite surprised to learn that the free sharing of information over the internet is not so free anymore! I guess if you have enough money and lawyers, you can pretty much do what you want! The Church of Scientology has a “fair game” policy for its critics, which basically states that anyone declared by Scientology as suppressive "may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed…If possible, ruin them utterly."

Reading some of the accounts of those that have been targeted by the Church of Scientology is pretty darn scary. This church actually has its own secret service, called the “Sea Organization.” There is also the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), which is the arm of Scientology that deals with legal issues, including the expulsion of their members when they decide the time is right.

You’ve probably heard stories about various celebrities that are members of the Church of $cientology (or Co$ - as it’s known on the web). I for one have decided that I cannot, in good conscience, support the actors, actress and other celebrtities who are giving a percentage of their income to the so-called "church" of scientology I must admit that this will be something of a sacrifice for me, since I actually like some of the actors/actresses work. I’m also considering writing to each movie studio as a new movie comes out, and letting them know exactly why I’m not paying to see it – anonymously of course! After making this decision, and I read more about the relationship between celebrity scientologists and the Church of Scientology, I was even more appalled. No wonder scientologist celebrities say their careers really picked up after becoming scientologists! Yet, read the whole page – if celebrities want out of scientology, they’re going to have a very hard time… I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

My first thought was, “How on earth do these people not know the truth about this cult?” Well, the answer is CENSORSHIP. Members of scientology aren’t even allowed to surf the internet freely.They must download a program of filter software that blocks out anything the least bit negative to the Co$ - however, they do not know this, because they are told that the program is merely a web-design program. New scientologist Katie Holmes is being shadowed by a scientology minder, just to make sure she doesn’t run into any negative press. Eventually, scientologists don’t want to see anything that might prove them wrong, they rationalize wrong-doings and will actively avoid any information that might be negative about their beliefs and their “religion.”

Perhaps you’re thinking, “What about freedom of religion?” Well, this “religion” began as a business. Eventually Hubbard turned it into a religion both for the tax-free status, and also for the First Amendment protections. Their religious status also protects them from child labor laws. Many new scientologists (such as Katie Holmes) are told that scientology goes along with any other religion. This is absolutely untrue. By the time you reach the “upper levels” you are told that all of today’s religions are merely memories implanted by the evil galactic terrorist, the alien, Xenu. Yes, I kid you not. It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so terrifying. At one point, L. Ron Hubbard was quoted as saying that he was the anti-Christ and Jesus Christ was a pedophile:

"For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on, let me take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure (he) has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred...” L Ron Hubbard

And as for freedom, once someone joins the Co$, they no longer have the freedom to listen to any criticism of their new church. Anyone who has any critical opinions of this church is labeled a “suppressive person”, and the member is ordered to “disconnect” with them. This means cutting them off completely. If the “SP” continues to criticize the church publicly (as many ex-members have done) then the “fair game policy” is put into place, and the Co$ does everything in its considerable power to destroy that person.

The last time I checked, I was not being ordered to cut off all ties with my non-Christian friends by my pastor, nor was I ordered to “destroy them utterly.”

While some people may feel that all religions are a type of cult that practice brainwashing (someone brought this up a few days ago), remember that very few mainstream churches will charge you $300,000 to $500,000 before they teach you how to reach their own personal brand of salvation. You may be encouraged to tithe a portion of your earnings, but you will not be kicked out of Sunday services for letting the collection plate pass you by!

I wonder what exactly the Co$ is doing with all of this money. They give free services to celebrities, in order to more easily draw them in, yet can’t seem to properly school the children of members. In fact, these children (who never had any choice at all) are made to work long hours, often without family contact, cleaning, scrubbing and doing basic menial labor for the church. Imagine your child on the floor, trying to clean a carpet without the aid of a vacuum (known as “chicken pickin”). Sound like a Charles Dickens tale? I wish.

I hope that you all will take a look at some of the sites, and if you feel as strongly as I do, then pass on the information only to the people that you would trust with your life! I had considered doing a mass emailing to everyone on my email list, but then thought better of it. The Co$ has hundreds of millions of dollars at its command, along with legions of dedicated lawyers (imagine if David Koresh had access these resources). I therefore decided to play it a bit safer. I’d like to start a sort of “grass roots” email campaign. The internet is proving to be the biggest deterrent to this destructive cult (regardless of the efforts to censor it). Using email, let’s spread the word. If I send this to my trusted friends and family, and they in turn, do the same, we can slowly branch out… I recommend that each time this email is forwarded, the sender makes sure to delete all email addresses and/or names of previous recipients. Anonymity is the only way to keep under the radar of the Co$. By the time this has been sent out hundreds of times, no one will know who started it. The internet is our best defense against this kind of threat - and since the search engines have been effectively crippled, it is up to people like us to get this information out there. Remember, knowledge is power!

..Secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy... censorship. When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, 'This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know,' the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives." --Robert A. Heinlein, -If This Goes On So perhaps now you’re wondering why I am sending this information to you?

You’re thinking, “Is this grass-roots email campaign really going to work?” Or perhaps, “Does this person think I’d honestly support this whacked-out cult?” Well, unfortunately, you may have already supported the Church of $cientology, just by visiting the beach in Florida! The Co$ is based in Clearwater, Florida, where Scientologists now own more than 200 shops, restaurants, service outlets and small businesses in and around Clearwater's downtown area. If you plan on visiting the area, you may want to be aware of which businesses are giving a portion of their profits to the Co$.

You may also have unwittingly supported this cult by donating money to one of their many front groups. The Co$ also specifically targets dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians and other health-care professionals, luring them in with the Hubbard business courses, and then methodically taking everything from them. Read the sworn story of chiropractor, Ed Hattaway, and then take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone you care about.

Maybe you’re thinking that the Co$ only targets the rich? Well, never fear, if they cannot convince you to mortgage your home and max out your credit cards, they may offer you the chance to pay for your courses by working for them for free. Now every church depends on volunteers, but what happens when your church will not minister to you, unless you quit your job and work full time for little to nothing?

Forget going to college, because you are supposed to be working to “clear the world.”

So what do you do if a loved-one or friend has joined the church of scientology?

You can look at CIC's page for advice on what you should, and should not, do . The website author of Operation Clambake also recommends reading the book Releasing The Bonds: Empowering People To Think For Themselves" by Steve Hassan.

Do this before you do anything!

Do not contact the Cult Awareness Network (CAN)! CAN is now operated by the Cult of Scientology. An ex-scientologist, Michael Tilse, also has advice on how to talk to a scientologist.

I am purposely not sending this to any children under the age of 18. I am afraid that they may get into trouble with this. What if a young teen starts talking about the negative side of the Co$ at school? I’m sure any scientologist would feel that their child’s very existence is threatened by this “suppressive teenager” – scientologists are taught that if you get the info on the “upper levels” too soon, that you will die!

I’d hate to think what might happen to those kids…perhaps expulsion from school? Arrested for selling drugs and sent to juvenile detention or worse? Sound paranoid? Remember that in the policies of “fair game,” no one is safe! So please tell your teens all about this, get them to look at some of this stuff online, and if they encounter any scientologists at school or anywhere else, just have them play dumb and get out of there! If they have friends who have been taken in by scientology, just tell them to be there for their friend. Period.

If you’re finding yourself fascinated/repulsed by the information you have looked at so far, you can take a guided tour through some of the secrets and scariness of the Church of Scientology. Just scroll down past the signature and follow the links! Some of you may want to take a more active role in fighting this insidious cult. Please think long and hard about the commitment you are willing to make.

Then click here to see some of the things that you can do. I plan to boycott any movies/events with celebrity scientologists in them. I’m also going to write my senator and congress-person. Finally, whenever the subject of Tom Cruise, or another celebrity scientologist comes up, I’m going to let people know what’s really going on.

Passing this email on, and directing others to look at these links can not only save families it can save lives. The creator of Operation Clambake receives many letters from people who have run across his website and have been saved from throwing their lives away on this cult.

It is possible that you’ve skimmed through this email, with no intention of looking up any of this info or following any of these links. I am begging you to just look at the basic info on scientology. You truly won’t believe that this could possibly exist on this earth.

The reason it exists, is because honest people, like you and me, do not know about it. You may be judging this “religion” based on its celebrity members.

“It must be okay, if that nice John Travolta is involved with it.” Please educate yourself, just a little bit, and pass the word on.

It is also possible that you’re going to have the reaction of one friend of mine: “That sounds like a movie plot.” Yes, it does sound too fantastic to be true – in fact, a new science fiction show, The 4400, has a major plotline that is very similar to scientology. This is one of the reasons the Co$ can exist today – because the majority of the population has no idea any of this is going on, and when they learn about it, many cannot believe it is true. When I thought of Tom Cruise and his beliefs in aliens or whatever, I thought “Well, he’s free to believe what he wants.”

But what if he isn’t free? What if he tried to get out (as one ex-high level scientologist claims) and was not allowed to leave? What if he was forced to divorce Nicole Kidman, because she would not totally convert to scientology? Sound like a movie plot? If only….

In the end, it is up to you to decide what you want to do with this information. I hope you choose to spread the word.

Sincerely – Your Friend -

Please be sure to delete my name when you forward this – and ask your recipients to do the same! Sound paranoid? Review the fair game policy and some of the survivor stories, and tell me that I’m wrong.

More Links to Scientology Information

If you’d rather watch news clips, just click here to have access to many news reports that have covered the Co$.

How could anyone believe this stuff? An ex-scientologists talks about tactics used, and how something he called “hypnotic euphoria” is the point of no return for new recruits.

The policy of “disconnect” is what scientologists do to anyone who does not agree with them – THIS IS HOW SCIENTOLOGY BREAKS UP FAMILIES.

On this page you can read about a 10 year old boy was declared suppressive for refusing to disconnect with his father. Another 12 year old “suppressive” child of a staff member was turned out onto the street.

Scientologists hate psychiatrists. Have you ever benefited from anti-depressants, or perhaps from some form of counseling or therapy? According to L. Ron Hubbard, psychiatry is a pseudo-science. And by the way, L. Ron Hubbard died of a stroke, with a psychotropic drug in his bloodstream…

Scientologists believe that ailment of the human body, including cancer and AIDS, is merely a product of the mind – those evil engrams from the space aliens. So join up! You won’t need your glasses, that hearing aid or those antibiotics! Never worry about health insurance again, because you won’t be taking your children or yourself to the doctor! Of course, if you continue to be troubled by your diabetes, epilepsy or other disease, you will be made to feel as if it is your fault. Do you tend to get colds or the flu every year?

Then Scientology is probably not for you. If you have any mental or physical problems, you will be offered an “assist” to cure what ails you. Tom Cruise actually had scientologists on hand on the War of the Worlds set to offer people an assist – which does not involve any standard medical care.

L. Ron Hubbard stated in his book “Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and mitosis.”

How ironic that so many higher level scientologists seem to be dying of cancer. Some speculate that the continued use of the e-meter may be causing cancer.

And there’s always the super-secret ship of the Co$, the Freewind, which is infested with asbestos

When informed of this deadly hazard, the Co$ chose to ignore the danger completely, since cancer is merely a state of mind and can be “handled.” So somewhere out in international waters, there is a ship that can kill – who needs to watch horror movies any more?!

The end result of scientology is often insanity. Read this survivor’s account of how her mind was “broken” by scientology – and how they would not let her get psychiatric help.

So you want to do a little soul searching?

Why don’t you search on Google for “personality test” and see what pops up? It is the Co$ version of an entrance exam, and has lured many into the doors of this “cult of greed.”

What happens if you get to the upper levels, and you don’t buy into the whole “alien” story? Well, according to one source, Tom Cruise initially freaked out, but was basically forced to stay in the Co$. Read all about celebrity scientologists here and here. Check out some of their personal stories, and you’ll see that most of them have no clue about the real dealings of the Co$.

Scientology vs. IRS

- this is a webpage telling how the Co$ regained their tax-exempt status – by harassing the IRS. I was especially bothered by the accounts of how the pets of IRS agents just seemed to keep dying... Now you may think the IRS deserves it, but read on, and realize that the USA is losing millions of tax dollars every year. So you are paying more to make up that difference… Just imagine if the Co$ had to start paying full taxes again.

You also may be sending your child to parochial school, and not getting the tax break that scientologists get for sending their kids to “Scientology School”. Even with this tax break, most scientology children are getting a substandard education and are being neglected.

The Dead – read about those who have died as a direct result of the actions of the Co$. If you go to the “Why are they dead?” website, you will read through a list that is horrifying in its length and in the similarities in each case.

Coerced abortions – If you are in the Sea Org, and you get pregnant, you are pressured to have an abortion. Read about one teenager, who was forced to get married at the age of 15. When she was 19, she decided to get pregnant on purpose, just so she could escape the Sea Org.

She did not give in to the pressure of her own mother to have an abortion and eventually escaped.

Read the heartbreaking story of Ida Camburn, who has spent the majority of her life fighting this cult. On this page is her email address – she welcomes letters.

What happens if you show your doubt, or start to seem suppressive? You are sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force.

So how do scientologists reel you in on your first visit? By using the “e-meter” – it is akin to a lie detector, and is intended to help you become “clear.” Unfortunately, use of the e-meter can bring on a kind of euphoria and is also addictive…

Read this 1968 account of a journalist who let himself be drawn into the lower levels of the Co$ in order to get a story.

Still chilling, even today…

Survivor Stories – Yes – people do actually get out.Read these accounts of some of the survivors and the price they had to pay. Be sure to read this one – if you are a scientologist who wants to leave, and does so publicly, you’ll probably have a similar experience.

Read about those who’ve been harassed with the fair fame policy.The story of Keith Henson is especially disturbing.If you already read the story of Ida Camburn, you’ll realize that he is the one who was forced to flee to Canada. However, if you log onto this scientology supported website, you’ll see that he is supposedly a terrorist. Do a Google search on Keith Henson – which version of his story do you believe?

Read about an escape from “Happy Valley” – a not so happy place, where people are interrogated, tortured and worse…

Read “A World Without - A Critical Examination of the Goal of the Church of Scientology” – this extremely long, scholarly document discusses the goals of the church, whether they’ve been met.At the end, there is also an extremely disturbing discussion of what life would be like if the Co$ were in control, as well conjecture about what they will do to gain control if their current tactics fail.